The Top Diss Songs Of 2015

As fast as 2015 came, it disappeared, but not without giving us a slew of memorable diss songs.

Social media beefing was at an all time high in 2015, but there was a handful of emcee’s that knew when it was time to hit the studio and handle their business.

I break down my personal choices below, and I’m sure some of you won’t agree. I based my choices off direct “shots,” song structure, choice of beat, and much more. Now, I know there were a few indirect disses on tracks this year, but I wanted to focus on the direct disses. Love it or hate it, sound off in the comments and let me know how you feel.

Who do you think had the best diss record in 2015?

#1: Horseshoe Gang – “Half A Meal” (Funk Volume Response)

I know I’m going to get hounded for this choice, but it’s the right choice! Who released a diss record like this recently? NO ONE! Horseshoe Gang took lyricism to the next level with “Half A Meal,” plus they made an actual song out of it, not just a diss record. The word play on the bridge, the tone of their voices and just the overall delivery was on point.

For the record, that was me who called into Sway’s show that morning. You can check my annotation on Genius and see how the situation unfolded. Nothing was planned, but I’m glad it went down the way it did.

Overall, I think Funk Volume is a very talented label that offers something to the hip-hop culture that is needed; variety. I hope they are able to figure out their differences and they continue to create dope music, but I still think Horseshoe Gang took the “W” in the battle and had the dopest diss song of 2015. Call me bias, but my opinions are based off being a hip-hop fan FIRST.

#2: Drake – “Back To Back” (Meek Mill Diss)

Drake really thought this one out. From the artwork he used (which is a total insult to a Philly guy like me), the AR-AB name-drop, the beat selection and just creating an overall dope song. Shit, even if he weren’t dissing anyone on this, it would still be a banger.

I don’t think posting the standout lines is needed; because I’m pretty sure the memes did this battle justice [Laughs].

#3: Funk Volume – “Free Meal” (Horseshoe Gang Diss)

This song is solely on the list because my name was mentioned by Jarren Benton [Laughs]. I kid, it was an extremely dope diss record overall. I thought the beat selection was solid and all the guys came correct; especially Dizzy Wright.

Whether you feel like FV or Shoe Gang won, this was a great battle for hip-hop and I salute all parties for stepping up lyrically.

#4: Horseshoe Gang – “Same Day” (Funk Volume Diss)

Horseshoe Gang shot back 3 hours after Funk Volume dropped “Free Meal.” Some say it was pre-recorded, but listen very closely. Dice spit “I drag queens through the mud, y’all some Caitlyn Jenners.” Now if you listen back to Hopsin’s verse on “Free Meal,” you will hear the line “I’m too beast, we will rock you, Queen.”

Coincidence? There are other notable lines that stick out and I think Shoe Gang is that witty and fast when it comes to this thing we call hip-hop. What do you think?

#5: AR-AB – “Back To Back Freestyle” (Meek Mill Diss)

When Drake decided to name-drop AR-AB in his “Back to Back” diss, it raised a lot of eyebrows. Was Drake strategically using another Philly emcee to escalate the situation? I say yes and the track below only validates my opinion.

Runner Up(s)

Snak The Rapper vs Madchild


Chic Raw – “Back To Back Freestyle” & “Wanna Know” (Drake Diss)

Ben Sommers – “Slim Jesus Diss”

Meek Mill – “Wanna Know” (Drake Diss)

Lil Mouse – “Kill Time” (Slim Jesus Diss)

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  • I Am Colossus

    Thanks for this, HSG, is slept on but these dudes bout to fly thru the atmosphere after this shit. They ate Volume like a hobo eats $1 burgers at McDs.