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Mike Crump: “I’m Not Trying To Be Famous Or Rich, I Just Want To Live Off My Music”

MikeTrampe: State your name

MC: Mike Crump

MikeTrampe: Where are you from?

MC: Philadelphia, PA

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Joie Kathos Talks The Creative Process Of Her Latest Video “Faded”

I got to sit down with Philly’s own Joie Kathos and discuss her new song/video “Faded,” who she is currently listening to and where is the best place to get a cheese-steak in the city of brotherly love.

From appearing on Oxygen Network’s, ‘The Glee Project,’ where she made top 15 female finalists out of 45,000, to being sponsored by Red Bull, winning ‘Best New Artist’ at the 2013 Philly Hip Hop Awards, and now being the only artist to make the Mayor of Philadelphia dance, Joie Kathos is proving that she deserves her spot every chance she gets. Her EP entitled “Floaters” is out now.” –  Via JoieKathos.com
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Philly Is The Real Loser In The Meek Mill & Drake Beef

Before you cuss me out based off of the title, please hear me out. I am a life-long Philly resident, sports fan & Hip-Hop fan, I also have worked in the music industry professionally for 10+ years.

As most people in Philly know, we have some of the most passionate fans in the country. That goes for sports, music, food and culture. We are a hard-nosed, blue-collar city that takes pride in everything we do Philly related.

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Miz MAF – “Act Right”

In the clip for the Philly MC’s latest banger, he drops words of wisdom for the younger generation to abide by, and he also provides a visual that was inspired by one of Ice Cube’s most iconic music videos.

About a month and a half after unveiling the video for “That White” featuring fellow Philadelphia rapper Freeway, Miz MAF returns with his latest banger, “Act Right.” Throughout the hypnotic track, produced by Mello Dee Beats, Double M uses his energetic pinpoint flow to masterfully emphasize the message of coming correct in the streets.

The MC accomplishes that with sharp, direct, and fairly-repetitive lines that’ll stay on the brain for days, like with the rhyme, “When you out there doin’ your thing, you better make sure you’re true to the game / ‘Cause when you’re out there fuckin’ the game up, the game gonna fuck up your name.”

As a product, and veteran, of the streets, Miz MAF feels its his responsibility to pass along these gems of knowledge.

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Skrewtape f. Mr Green -“Jazz Cigarettes” [Directed by Planetary P]

I told you at the top of the year to watch 22 artists and producers in 2014.

Skrewtape and Mr. Green were both on my list, and this video is proof why they belong there and why they will be on my 2015 list that is dropping soon.

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Jay Griffy – “Loaded”

Jay Griffy is loaded and ready for whatever and that’s clear on his high-energy new release “Loaded”. The song is an anthemic banger for the house, car, or club that starts and ends with the infectious sounds like only Griffy can deliver. With a classically familiar mix of rasp and guttural delivery over an EDM-esque beat, “Loaded” is a new sound for a Philly rapper who originally hails from the birthplace of Hip-Hop, The Bronx.

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Capo f. Skrewtape – “Labor Day” (Produced by Skammadix)

Capo ft. Skrewtape – Labor Day [Produced by Skammadix] Recorded and Mixed by Scott Stallone at Found Sound – Cameos by Slaughter Rico, MiilkBone, Malik B, Sean Cov, Royal, Alpha Flooring and more.

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Da’ T.R.U.T.H., Prayz1, TJ Pompeo, & Promise (Mixed Bag) – “I’m Home”

In 2013, Grammy-nominated emcee Da’ T.R.U.T.H. launched a record label called Mixed Bag. His imprint recently (August 26) released a group/compilation album, Normal Is Overrated, that includes contributions by various artists.

The man has been killing it in 2014. His Heartbeat album, which dropped on April 15, debuted at #8 on Billboard Rap Albums. Where do you think Normal Is Overrated will land on the charts?

Check out the visual for Mixed Bag’s “I’m Home” single.

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Kur- “We That” (Produced By Maaly Raw)

The streets of Philly been talking all summer about this new kid on the block.

Kur, from Philly’s “Uptown” section, recently sold out his 1st headlong show at the TLA and was featured in XXL “The Break” . Below is the new single “We That” produced by Maaly Raw.

Gillie Da Kid Shows One Thing That Soulja Boy Is Scared Of

Gillie Da Kid shows off what he walks around with to put wack rappers in line. I wonder if Soulja Boy has one of these?

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