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Cherp On His Music: “I Would Describe My Music As Poverty & Art Having A Child Out Of Wedlock”

MikeTrampe: State your name.

Cherp: Cherp

MikeTrampe: Where are you from?

Cherp: Elmira, NY

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Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire Talks Being A Bookworm & Who He Would Start A Brooklyn Supergroup With

Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire Reminisces

Mike Trampe: It’s been about a year and a half since you said “My stupid ass sold his soul/and didn’t even get the fame.”, what has changed for you personally and musically since those lines?

MME: I centered myself and reconnected with my music, which is the most important thing to me.

Mike Trampe: So with that said, how would you describe your music that you are making RIGHT NOW?

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The Illuminati & Hip Hop – Interview With Author Issac Weishaupt

In part 1 of this series Redhands interviews Issac Weishaupt, author of the book “Sacrifice: Magik Behind The Mic.” Issac and Redhands discuss what is the illuminati and who calls the shots in the industry.

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Rick Ross x Hip Hop Since 1987 – “Hood Billionaire Interview”

MMG’s biggest boss, Rick Ross was in Atlanta recently promoting his upcoming LP Hood Billionaire. While in the city that he calls his second home, Ricky Rozay hosted a private event for some of Atlanta’s biggest tastemakers. Ross and Def Jam put together a listening session at Sweet Auburn Seafood on Auburn Avenue; Atlanta’s most historic streets for black owned businesses. HHS1987 was on the scene to check out the project and speak with Rick Ross for an exclusive interview.

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Rayski Recalls Collaborating With Lil Boosie’s Artist Donkey

Mike Trampe TV: What’s good Rayski? Let everyone know who you’re, where you are from and what you do.

Rayski: What’s good? I go by the name Rayski Baby. I’m originally from Shreveport, Louisiana but currently reside in Fort Worth, Texas. I’m the co-owner of Silent B Entertainment alongside Branden “Uncle B” Brown. Right now I just feel like I’m that dude. I might not be the most-lyrical but that is not me, that’s not my goal. If I wanted to go that route, I’m sure I could but that’s not my style. My style is more of realistic; I tell you how it is, RAW with a mixture of lyrical metaphors. I call it that Louisiana/Texas, maybe because I was born in Louisiana and then spent half my life in Texas but I’m just that dude that makes “HITS” and soon the world will know!!!!!

MTTV: Being a native of Louisiana, who were your influences on the come up? Now a resident of Texas has there been any new musical inspiration from that region?

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Steve Sxaks x Skrewtape – “Not Their Food” Episode 1

The homies Steve Sxaks and Skrewtape sit down to cook food, eat food and talk about Hip Hop and some other dope shit.

Per Steve Sxaks, “Rappers get a bad rep. when it comes to food. Most people automatically assume that they don’t like to enjoy the finer things in life just like those little fingered mother fuckers up on wall street. Not all rappers sip colt 45s and eat junk food, some are highfalutin foodies and down right food snobs. Rappers are becoming more health conscious and an overwhelming amount of rappers are claiming veganism.

For our first episode chef Steve walks you through a three-course Mexican style meal: pineapple guacamole, hand rolled tortilla taquitos, and stuffed apple apple pie. Steve sits down with New Jersey rapper Skrewtape and talks about food/music and a we get a special performance from Skrewtape live in the kitchen.”

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“Apparently” This Little Kid is Awesome!

Apparently this kid is awesome for saying apparently 10 times in this news interview. Apparently he was at a carnival when the news team approached him. Apparentely, this kid will be a talk show host in the near future, enjoy!

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Nardwuar vs Yung Lean

Nardwuar goes head to head against Swedish rapper Yung Lean & the Sad Boys.

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Vel Talks Musical Influences; Performing On BET’s 106 & Park Wild Out Wednesday’s

Mike Trampe TV: What’s up VEL? For those new to the name, who are you and what do you do?

Vel: For those who don’t know me im Vel. I’m an up and coming recording artist from Virginia. Im a song writer of all genres, and I also engineer my own music. Get familiar know it or not you will know me soon.

MTTV: On the come up who were some of your musical and non musical influences?

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Busta Rhymes Talks About Taking 5 Years Off From Music

Busta’s what it is right now, he got us all in check with this interview.

Busta was on Big Boy’s Neighborhood radio show and talked about taking 5 years off from music and what he did in that time.
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