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The Top Diss Songs Of 2015

As fast as 2015 came, it disappeared, but not without giving us a slew of memorable diss songs.

Social media beefing was at an all time high in 2015, but there was a handful of emcee’s that knew when it was time to hit the studio and handle their business.

I break down my personal choices below, and I’m sure some of you won’t agree. I based my choices off direct “shots,” song structure, choice of beat, and much more. Now, I know there were a few indirect disses on tracks this year, but I wanted to focus on the direct disses. Love it or hate it, sound off in the comments and let me know how you feel.

Who do you think had the best diss record in 2015?

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Philly Is The Real Loser In The Meek Mill & Drake Beef

Before you cuss me out based off of the title, please hear me out. I am a life-long Philly resident, sports fan & Hip-Hop fan, I also have worked in the music industry professionally for 10+ years.

As most people in Philly know, we have some of the most passionate fans in the country. That goes for sports, music, food and culture. We are a hard-nosed, blue-collar city that takes pride in everything we do Philly related.

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Horseshoe Gang Says “Any Rapper Who Pretends To Be A Dope Writer Is Lame”

Exclusive: Horseshoe Gang addresses ghost writers in Hip Hop, who they would add to the group, collaborating with Eminem and who would win in a battle between them and Slaughterhouse.

The discussion on the net the last few days has been about the Meek Mill vs Drake feud, and if Drake uses “Ghostwriters.” The majority of the industry utilizes co-writers and depend on the belief that “Team work makes the dream work,” so what’s the big deal? Well, for hard-working lyricists and emcees, it can rub them the wrong way if you don’t write your own bars.

I had the pleasure to sit down and talk to Long Beach natives, Horseshoe Gang about this topic, plus about their new EP Knocking On Raps Door, which drops tomorrow. Not familiar? Well, do yourself a favor and check these guys out! Incredible lyricists, artists and cool guys overall.

I told you years ago about K-Dot a.k.a. Kendrick Lamar when I had the pleasure to work with him and TDE and you know the rest. I was an avid supporter of Mr. Probz and told you about him for the last 6 years, now he has one of the biggest remixed records of the last year, “Waves.” I will say this one time, don’t sleep on Horseshoe Gang and remember I told you first, these guys will blow up 🙂

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Drake Announces Toronto Raptors Starting 5

Obviously comfortable in front of a mic, Drake kills it announcing the starting line up.

Drake Previews New Song Featuring Aaliyah

During some down time on the tour bus, Drake teased his IG followers last night with an unknown track featuring vocals from the late singer. What do you think of Drake’s new joint?

Lupe Fiasco Says Drake Slept With Eminem’s Girl

Screen shot 2013-11-01 at 3.17.20 PM

Drake Sells Toronto Condo For $3.75 Million

After re-listing his Yorkville condo for $3.895 million, Drake – hip hop star, Desgrassi alum, and Toronto-loving local– sold his home for a cool $3.75 million (Tweet this fact).

This calls for cake!

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Drake Doing Deadlifts In The Gym – Reason For Tour Cancellations?

Guess we know why Drake cancelled part of his tour.  Herniated Discs are a bitch!!

Childish Gambino Disses D-Dot Omen On “Pound Cake” Freestyle

Shout out to D-Dot emailing me a song he was dissed in, LOL.