Sean Price Took Over My Job For A Day & It Was Amazing!

Back in late October 2012, I got the word that Sean Price would be taking over my job for the day. I was told he would be taking over our (HipHopDX) Twitter account for an entire day, and I was to oversee the operation.

Now, what would you do if someone came into your job today and told you Sean Price was filling in for you? Personally, I was excited, but also scared to death [Laughs]. This was the same guy who had just recently reported during Hurricane Sandy with swimming goggles on [Laughs].

I knew we were in for something good, and I was hype for November 1 (2012) to arrive.

November 1st comes and it’s a little quiet in the morning, but things definitely picked up in the afternoon. Some of the tweets are below, and as you can see, Sean P was hilarious, but also made some very valid points. This continued until 8PM EST as he ended his workday at HipHopDX.

The days after were horrible. [Laughs] I spent hours upon hours unblocking people who Sean blocked. At least a few dozen people contacted me by my personal twitter and said Sean had blocked them. I asked them what was said to get blocked, and a few responded saying “I just told him I loved his music and he blocked me.” [Laughs] God damn you Sean Price!

I was literally telling myself the night before that Sean wasn’t that bad on our Twitter. Little did I know he went on a blocking spree 🙂

After it’s all said and done, I wouldn’t have changed a thing. Sean Price was a one of a kind guy. Sean was full of life, personality and just told it how it was. I don’t think Sean’s personality will ever be matched, and I don’t think anyone will ever out-do his HipHopDX Twitter takeover.

Rest in Peace Sean, we’ll miss you P. – One

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Mike Trampe is a rising media entrepreneur, promoter, speaker, and accomplished marketing & social media director. Also known to the industry as “Mic Vicious”, he has made a name as the “go-to person for your go-to person.”