O.B.A.$. Talks Music Influences & Future Plans

MikeTrampe: State your name.


MikeTrampe: Where are you from?

OBA$: Haiti/Connecticut

MikeTrampe: How would you describe your music?

OBA$: Simply Put, hip hop & blues. I am hip hop, born in it, raised in it and have studied the art form and all of its elements. My life is a blues tales, with a variety of ups and downs, so my experience told through my songs, gives me a gumbo of emotions that the listeners can relate to from all walks of life, good or bad, a message is always delivered.

MikeTrampe: Who are your musical influences?

OBA$: Biggie & Tupac

MikeTrampe: How do you feel about the music industry as a whole right now?

OBA$: The Game has a few shining stars amongst many many clouds. I am doing my best to let my star shine through and sit amongst the greats and soon to be greats.

MikeTrampe: Where do you see your music career in 5 years?

OBA$: On Tour, great music following spanning across the world, with a great bubbling music career working on a new album to be released worldwide on a major platform.

MikeTrampe: If you could only bring one album to a deserted island, what album would you bring?

OBA$: Buju Banton’s “Til Shiloh”

MikeTrampe: If you could open for any artist living or dead, who would it be and why?

OBA$: Notorious BIG. Obviously because he is Royalty, and just to know you had an opportunity to “Spit wit Big” to me is validation that you are something special in this culture.

MikeTrampe: If you could create a super-group with 2 other artists and one producer, who would you pick?

OBA$: Tupac, Biggie, and Dr. Dre

MikeTrampe: Any last shout out’s or comments?

OBA$: Sak Pase to all my Haitians Worldwide, all those who have supported OBA$ and the whole C’est La Vie Movement for all these years. Sak Pase to my man J Hatch aka Mr. Mogul Status himself. Last but not least, Welcome to all the new people that will become fans once they hear my music, and get an understanding of who I am through this interview. Deeply appreciative of you taking the time out to chop it up with me. OBA$ is the name, C’est La Vie is the way of life on the roller coaster of Hip Hop is where I spend my nights. Peace 2 All!

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Mike Trampe is a rising media entrepreneur, promoter, speaker, and accomplished marketing & social media director. Also known to the industry as “Mic Vicious”, he has made a name as the “go-to person for your go-to person.”