Mike Crump: “I’m Not Trying To Be Famous Or Rich, I Just Want To Live Off My Music”

MikeTrampe: State your name

MC: Mike Crump

MikeTrampe: Where are you from?

MC: Philadelphia, PA

MikeTrampe: How would you describe your music?

MC: My music is very thoughtful providing you with a certain message but also gives you a nice bounce just to vibe out to.

Mike Trampe: Who are your musical influences?

MC: THE 3 guys I’m most influenced by are Drake, J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar.

MikeTrampe: How do you feel about the music industry as a whole right now?

MC: I honestly think the music business is in the best place it can be given the economy. With that being said I think the business is to complacent with taking a chance on new talent, makes it tough for new artist to break in.

MikeTrampe: Where do you see your music career in 5 years?

MC: Well I hope I’m farther along then I am right now. I’m not trying to be famous or rich, I jus want to live off my music so hopefully I get to that point.

MikeTrampe: If you could only bring one album to a deserted island, what album would you bring?

MC: That would be Graduation by Kanye West. I think it’s one of the greatest rap albums of all time.

MikeTrampe: If you could open for any artist living or dead, who would it be and why?

MC: I would open for Drake, It’s know one bigger in the game right now.

MikeTrampe: If you could create a super-group with 2 other artists and one producer, who would you pick?

MC: My super group would be Chris Brown and Pusha T with DJ mustard making the beats, you want to hit them with something unexpected.

MikeTrampe: Any last shout out’s or comments?

MC: THANKS FOR THE OPPORTUNITY GUYS, shoutout to my city (Philly), My family and my supporters, I would be nothin without you.

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Mike Trampe is a rising media entrepreneur, promoter, speaker, and accomplished marketing & social media director. Also known to the industry as “Mic Vicious”, he has made a name as the “go-to person for your go-to person.”