Joie Kathos Talks The Creative Process Of Her Latest Video “Faded”

I got to sit down with Philly’s own Joie Kathos and discuss her new song/video “Faded,” who she is currently listening to and where is the best place to get a cheese-steak in the city of brotherly love.

From appearing on Oxygen Network’s, ‘The Glee Project,’ where she made top 15 female finalists out of 45,000, to being sponsored by Red Bull, winning ‘Best New Artist’ at the 2013 Philly Hip Hop Awards, and now being the only artist to make the Mayor of Philadelphia dance, Joie Kathos is proving that she deserves her spot every chance she gets. Her EP entitled “Floaters” is out now.” –  Via

Mike Trampe: First off, Your video “Faded” is extremely dope!

Joie Kathos: Thank you! Thanks for taking the time to actually listen and watch.

Mike Trampe: Your description of “Faded” via YouTube says, “this cinematic visual shows what is called the “domino effect” of how the oppressed anger that is felt when witnessing such acts of racism effects the decisions that our brothers and sisters make.”

Pretend there is no video for that quote and explain what that all means.

Joie Kathos: Most people identify with what they see. Young black boys in the hood look up to the older black men of the hood. So if the young men see the older gentlemen they look up to killing other people, or even killing each other, they begin adopting the same behaviors, and ultimately follow down the same paths as the men before them, and nothing changes. It’s oppression, and our society is run off the oppression of black people & minorities.

Consequently, it’s our young black men that suffer the most in the end because they act out, and aren’t given the proper education on how valuable their lives are to even change their thought processes, which will eventually change their behavior. Hence ‘the domino effect” of senseless acts of violence and crime that plague our black communities.

Mike Trampe: Walk me through the creative process for a song/video like “Faded.”

Joie Kathos: The first step for me to create any song of substance is the message behind what I’m saying. The visuals come later. For “Faded” specifically, I had reached a point where I was angry. I was angry about how cruel the world is. I was angry about the black men being mistreated and killed by police, as well as being angry about the black men killing other black men in the streets.

So I channeled my anger while writing the lyrics to this song (with lights off and candles lit in my room), and developed a realistic storyline for the music video to show the ugly truth about this “domino effect” that’s been going on since the beginning of time in the black community. It’s oppression at it’s finest.

Mike Trampe: You released your EP Floaters on July 12th. A month later, what are the people saying?

Joie Kathos: The feedback has been way more positive than I expected it to be, simply because my EP is really personal and I didn’t think people would respond to it well because it is so personal.

Ironically, taking the time to be transparent and true to myself on this project is why everyone loves it so much now because they finally get to no Joie Kathos as an artist and human being way better.

Mike Trampe: If someone never heard Joie Kathos, how would you describe your sound to them?

Joie Kathos: Alternative Hip Hop

Mike Trampe: What’s next for Joie Kathos?

Joie Kathos: Next up for me is making sure people all of the world hear the Floaters EP, so we’re putting together a small promotional tour for the album. Coming to a city near you!

Mike Trampe: Now for the fun part. Random questions we love to ask artists 🙂 Are you ready?

Joie Kathos: Yep! Let’s do it 🙂

Mike Trampe: What was the first Hip Hop song you ever heard?

Joie Kathos: As far as I can remember, Rakim – “I Ain’t No Joke.” My dad used to play him all the time and teach me and my little sister the lyrics to recite back to him.

Mike Trampe: Last 5 artists albums you listened to?

Joie Kathos: The Internet – Ego Death, Janelle Monae – Archandroid, J. Cole – Forest Hill Drive 2014, .inc – No World, Joie Kathos – Floaters EP [Laughs].

Mike Trampe: Nicki Minaj, Lil Kim, Foxy Brown & Remy Ma. Who is the BEST out of these 4?

Joie Kathos: Nicki Minaj

Mike Trampe: Rapsody, Jean Grae, Lauryn Hill & Rah Digga. If you had to make a 3 person group with these 4 artists, who are your dropping?

Joie Kathos: I dig all of them, but If I had to pick, I’d say Rah Digga.

Mike Trampe: Best place to get a cheese-steak in Philly?

Joie Kathos: Jim’s Steaks

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