Heroin & Hip Hop: Why I Posted The Cadalack Ron Video

So I have caught some backlash for posting a video called “California Rapper Cadalack Ron Shoots Heroin During Rap Battle”.

Let me explain to you why I think this video needs to be seen, and it’s not for the views or the “comical” reasons some people think. We are dealing with an epidemic right now, whether you want to admit or not. I have lost 10 friends in the last 2 years to drug overdose, all from heroin.

So why would I post a video like this? Because it is going on EVERYWHERE, whether you see it or not. It’s easy to not click on a YouTube link or turn off your computer, right? You don’t see it; you don’t have to worry about it, right? In my opinion, WRONG!

Personally, I feel a lot of people don’t understand how serious this prescription pill & heroin problem is. I want people to understand that just because it is not right in front of you, or your brother, sister or significant other isn’t hooked, doesn’t mean it’s not a major issue.


I come from a place that is the Heroin Hub of the east coast, Philadelphia. Take a trip down Frankford Ave in the North East where there is a Pharmacy on every corner. Take a trip down Kensington and Allegheny and the surrounding areas, where drug use is at an all time high and done right out in the public.

Yet, no one seems to care.

Take a trip on the city’s Septa line, and see how drugs are effecting people. Let’s not forget the amount of kids in the surrounding Philadelphia (and NJ) suburbs who come to the city everyday to score, use and hang out. Unfortunately, I lost one of my best friends to a drug overdose, just a few hours after he was released from rehab. I watched him use, fought with him, cut him off and even ratted him out to his family. I wish I would have done more, I really do, but I have seen what these drugs can do to someone mentally & physically.

I don’t expect everyone to agree with me or even see it from my perspective, but my intentions were in the right place, and that’s all that matters to me. Maybe someone will see this video and reach out to Ron for the help he needs. Maybe someone else is dealing with addiction or is afraid to speak up about someone they love that is using. I know why I posted this video and I also respect why some people don’t like it or want to see it. But when this video becomes a reality, there is no running away from it, or clicking “X” in the top left corner.

Much respect & love.

Mike Trampe

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Mike Trampe is a rising media entrepreneur, promoter, speaker, and accomplished marketing & social media director. Also known to the industry as “Mic Vicious”, he has made a name as the “go-to person for your go-to person.”
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  • Ixion Form

    I don’t understand how you got backlash… didn’t you end the last article with “I hope he gets the help he needs” That would seem more of a concerning tone rather then it’s mocking counterpart in my opinion. Now is heroin, pill use so prevalent that’s it’s considered the norm to society? If that’s the case then what’s the real problem. The use or the people adapting to the fact that it is no longer taboo. So we can outcry about no longer having the privilege of smoking cigarettes in a public place/restaurant, but heroin gets a pass? I don’t get it.

    • http://www.miketrampetv.com Mike Trampe

      Thanks for the feedback. Well, where i am from, pills & heroin are pretty much the norm nowadays. In the northeast of philly we have a pharmacy on every corner, block after block. So who is the real drug dealers? Why aren’t there pharmacies on every corner in the suburbs? or other places? It seems that nowadays “Oh you’re from NE Philly, you must be a junky”. It’s really crazy, and seeing this video seemed like something that would have happened around here. Sorry if i’m rambling, but this whole topic hits close to home and is reality to me and a lot of people i associate with.

  • http://miltonmusiq.wordpress.com Danager

    Great post man and this is the truth. People dont want to admit it and want it to go away like it can’t happen to them. We all have our vices and our struggles, but its time we find a way to air this out. Much respect.

    • http://www.miketrampetv.com Mike Trampe

      Appreciate you taking the time to comment bro. Respect!

  • Mr_MGil

    Mike, much respect for your message. Your heart is in the right place.

  • Pookie

    Hey, I don’t know who u are, but I’m The mother of “Ron’s” son, and I’m glad u put his junkie ass on blast so he can see what a dirtbag of a Dad he is being. Thinking it’s COOL TO SHOOT DOPE all the while he has 2 beautiful sons at home that he completely abandon for drugs and does not take care of or pay one cent for. He would rather steel money out of my purse that I work my ass off for to feed and cloth his son so he can get another fix. Hope you all can see that. Fools a scumbag.

  • Jacob Oliver

    Awesome Article Man, Its nice knowing that someone is talking about real social issues and not whos fucking who or who beefing over twitter, This is the stuff white america tries to ignore until its too late and there own family member is hooked. I’m only 18 but i’ve seen my dads life fall apart because of crack cocaine and alcohol and i live in a nice area. I cant imagine how bad it must be in the inner city. I love your articles, Mike!

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