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Joie Kathos Talks The Creative Process Of Her Latest Video “Faded”

I got to sit down with Philly’s own Joie Kathos and discuss her new song/video “Faded,” who she is currently listening to and where is the best place to get a cheese-steak in the city of brotherly love.

From appearing on Oxygen Network’s, ‘The Glee Project,’ where she made top 15 female finalists out of 45,000, to being sponsored by Red Bull, winning ‘Best New Artist’ at the 2013 Philly Hip Hop Awards, and now being the only artist to make the Mayor of Philadelphia dance, Joie Kathos is proving that she deserves her spot every chance she gets. Her EP entitled “Floaters” is out now.” –  Via
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Sean Price Took Over My Job For A Day & It Was Amazing!

Back in late October 2012, I got the word that Sean Price would be taking over my job for the day. I was told he would be taking over our (HipHopDX) Twitter account for an entire day, and I was to oversee the operation.

Now, what would you do if someone came into your job today and told you Sean Price was filling in for you? Personally, I was excited, but also scared to death [Laughs]. This was the same guy who had just recently reported during Hurricane Sandy with swimming goggles on [Laughs].

I knew we were in for something good, and I was hype for November 1 (2012) to arrive.

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Sean Prices’ Top 12 Most Hilarious Moments (RIP)

“Duck Down are some of the nicest and most genuine people in the business and I feel for them right now.”Mike Trampe

Donate To Sean Price’s Fund:

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing the Duck Down Records staff for many years, and was a fan of the music before the personal relationships. I’ve played fantasy football with them for years, and interacted with them on a monthly basis while I was at HipHopDX (07-15).

Hip Hop took a shot today and I’m not sure the wound will ever heal. In my opinion, Sean Price was an incredible guy, a unique personality, an amazing emcee and a hip-hop legend.

Rest in Peace Sean, we’ll miss you P.

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Philly Is The Real Loser In The Meek Mill & Drake Beef

Before you cuss me out based off of the title, please hear me out. I am a life-long Philly resident, sports fan & Hip-Hop fan, I also have worked in the music industry professionally for 10+ years.

As most people in Philly know, we have some of the most passionate fans in the country. That goes for sports, music, food and culture. We are a hard-nosed, blue-collar city that takes pride in everything we do Philly related.

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Vada Clarifies His Tyga, Chris Brown & Gunplay Lines On “Peroxide”

California artist Vada has a long history in the music industry, but it was mainly for working with major labels and on the PR side of things. Also an emcee, Vada recently took to the mic to address the state of Hip-Hop via his new single, “Peroxide.”

Vada had some interesting bars in his song regarding Tyga, Chris Brown and Gunplay. I wanted to find out what the intentions were while making the song and what he thinks about the current state of Hip-Hop.

OH, and what he would do for one night with Amber Rose 🙂

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