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DJ Pain 1 Breaks Down The “OffShore” Beat He Made For Slaughterhouse

You dig production? You dig Slaughterhouse? Well, check out the in detail video of DJ Pain 1 explaining how he made the “Offshore” beat.

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PS The Rebels Talk Kenyan Background, The Great Migration EP + Future Plans

MTTV: PS The Rebels, whats up with y’all? For the record who are you and what do you do?

SamUiLL: Peace, we are PS the ReBels aka Pihon and SamUiLL the ReBels. Brothers, Comrades from Nairobi Kenya living the Black African American experience. Hahaha Really though we’re a Hip-Hop duo of African migrates offering our own sound of Afro Hop in Hip-Hop. Ya know, like Fela Kuti and indigenous sounds meets 808s and lyricism. The fusion! We wanna bring some roots and culture to the industry as well as what we think is thought provoking content in our music.

MTTV: When did you guys link up? What’s your creative process like?

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Jay Dopee Talks Def Jam A&R Meeting, Musical Influences

MTTV: When did you know that you wanted to make music a career?

JD: When I was in 3rd grade I told my mom I want to be singer but I actually molded to be singer/rapper overtime.

MTTV: Who were some of your influences as you are molding your sound?

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Shawn M Talks Eminem Influence, Runaway Records Movement

MTTV: Hey Shawn M, for those new to the name, where are you from and what do you do?

SM: I am from Vineland, New Jersey. I am a Hip Hop artist trying to build my own label and inspire the masses. I have an aggressive sound in most of my songs because of the passion behind my story. I feel like it pulls the listener in and lets them see and feel my story rather then just hear it. My label is called Runaway Records and it is still blooming however it will soon have an impact on those who are aware of the movement.

MTTV: When did you start to take being an artist as a career seriously and who were some of your major influences early on?

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