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Hugh Lee f. Ross David – “The Struggle”

Hugh Lee is an artist coming out of Chicago with a smooth soulful flow and sound. Check out the video for “The Struggle” featuring Ross David on the hook.
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Frenchie Ft B.o.B & Chanel West Coast – “Aint Goin Nowhere”

Frenchie from Brick Squad Monopoly (BSM) or better known as Wakka Flocka’s artist has been grinding for years. He is stepping out and stepping it up with this new video.

Frenchie has steady been releasing videos and songs for years, he’s on his way to the top. Check out the video for “Ain’t Goin Nowhere” featuring B.O.B and Chanel West Coast.
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KXNG CROOKED Reveals Who The Fifth Member Of Slaughterhouse Should Be

Most people know KXNG CROOKED as Crooked I, the former Death Row artist, incredible lyricist and part of the super-group, Slaughterhouse. But whether you want to call him Crooked I or KXNG CROOKED, his passion for hip-hop has not changed.

Crooked has a new project out (physical, no digital), was part of the #1 hip-hop album in the world and is preparing to launch one of the largest hip-hop contest reality shows ever, One Shot.

I had the pleasure to sit down and shoot the shit with the O.G. Let’s get into it.

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Devine Carama – “10 Blog Commandments”

I wrote an article years ago called the “10 Hip Hop Blog & Website Commandments” and have had a Google Alert set up for it since.

I received a notification today about this song and figured I’d check it out since I wrote an article with a very similar title. I was pleasantly surprised with the joint and his 10 commandments were pretty spot on. Delivery and cadence matched the lyrics, overall a solid record. He even knew my good friend, Praverb, who recently passed away at an early age.

Give the record a listen, it’s worth it.

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Lil Wayne Dissing Cash Money On Twitter

Looks like the Birdman Jr. is beefin with his pops, because Lil Wayne is sending shots at Cash Money about his album not being released.

It seems Wayne and Cash Money are having some problems over dropping Lil Tunechi’s new album “The Carter 5”. Check out inside the post to find out what Wayne is saying on Twitter.  Continue reading

The R.A.W. Report: King Louie Gets Face Tattoo Of Drake’s OVO Label

Today is the start of our newest segment called: “The R.A.W. Report” or simply Rappers Are Weird. We have millions and millions of examples of rappers being weird, so this segment will be legit.

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Man Used McChicken Sandwich To Assault Wife

Yep, using McDonald’s sandwiches to assault your wife is a thing now. I just hope he had the decency to supersize his meal before he made this rash decision.

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Instagram Account Exposes Video Models As Escorts?

Do you see tons of pretty girls on Instagram, always with new clothes or on trips to Dubai, but they don’t seem to have a job?  Word is getting out, and these Instagram thots are starting to get exposed.

In the past few years, an Internet folklore has been going around about these Instagram “Models”. Who are these girls really modeling for? Word is getting around that these girls are really just paid prostitutes that go overseas. A new Instagram account has taken on the task to expose these hoes. Click inside the post to find out the full story and maybe you will see your favorite thot.

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Would You Wednesdays: One Night With Oprah For 1 Million Dollars

It’s been a minute, but we are back with another segment of “Would You Wednesday?” . Our last segment, we did “Would You Dress Like Riff Raff For A Year For One Night With Katy Perry?”. This week is just as crazy and it involves every housewife’s favorite person: Oprah Winfrey.

Would you spend one night with Oprah for a million dollars, but you have to go on her TV show and admit you slept with her? Think about all the things you can buy for one million dollars, but think about the embarrassment from millions of people. This money is not tax free by the way, think about that too.   Continue reading

KXNG CROOKED Says Tyler, The Creator Has A Man Crush On Eminem

The big homie KXNG CROOKED (fka Crooked I) drops off his new record “Shady’s #1,” which is in celebration of SHADY XV being on the top of the charts this week.

CROOKED also has a funny message for Tyler, The Creator at the end of the song. Remember, Tyler recently said SHADY XV was “ass” and I guess the KXNG didn’t take to kindly to his comments.


Check out “Shady’s #1” after the jump.

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