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Trey G f. 2 Man Cypher “The Purge”

Trey G teams up with 2 Man cypher to release their video “The Purge”, just in time for Halloween.

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Mi$tro – “Movie”

Coming just a few weeks after his now life changing conversation with Roc Nation’s God MC Jay Electronica during this years A3C Festival in Atlanta, rumored to have lead to multiple label offers for him and his MGM crew, Virginia native Mi$tro enlists super-producer turned rapper Lex Luger and label mate J-Real for his brand new Karma produced single “Movie”.

Check out the fresh collaboration from the trio, which serves as the first leak from Lex and Mi$tro untitled collaborative EP dropping early next year, below. The Commonwealth 2 is out now!

Dapa Don f. D.R.U.G. – “4 Life”

Dapa Don enlist fellow MC D.R.U.G.for his new single ‘4 Life’ which is featured on his highly regarded new project “#FOOD”. On ‘4 Life’ Dapa Don speaks to the ladies on this one, not the quintessential “good” girl, but the one that could be the one nighter turned lifer.

Rich iCoast f. Tray Pizzy – “Gang Of Us”

Rich iCoast is back today as he drops off a new single titled ‘Gang Of Us’ and features fellow Bronx MC Tray Pizzy. On ‘Gang Of Us’ Rich iCoast stresses that him and his crew are out to carve a lane in the music industry but still get tested daily and are ready to handle whatever comes at them. This will lead up to his new project “iAintTrippin” dropping soon.

Jesse Myles – “Pray For Me”

Jesse Myles has a lot to prove and on his latest single ‘Pray For Me’ he spits cold and aggressive bars over a sampled version of Enya’s ‘Boadicea’. Its hard to deny that Jesse Myles has the skill and ability to make it in the music industry but on ‘Pray For Me’ he ups his game and proves all the nay sayers wrong.

Willy J Peso – “Floatin”

With the spotlight on the Detroit music scene right now Willy J Peso intends to continue the trend as he drops off his latest record ‘Floatin’. After dropping club bangers ‘Loud’ and ‘H-Town’ Willy J Peso gets back into his comfort zone over a mellow Flyboi J produced smokers anthem. Willy J Peso uses the slowed down production to his advantage as he opens up about his personal life and you really get a feel of who Willy J Peso really is.

“Leave Thugger Alone”: Why The Hate Of Young Thug Is Petty

By: Dan Emmons

It seems like everyone has something to say about Atlanta rapper and mainstream relative newcomer Young Thug. Whether it be his percussively peculiar pronunciation on beats, his lifestyle (pun intended), or because his lane is saturated with artists like Future and Ty Dolla Sign, the hate is real.

You don’t like Young Thug. Ok, but if it is for any of the following reasons, well, I digress…

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Mr. Probz – “Nothing Really Matters” Live at Red Bull Studios Amsterdam

Recorded live at Red Bull Studios Amsterdam.

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What It’s Like To Be Stoned At The Grocery Store

Ever been stoned and gone grocery shopping? Well this pretty much explains it all if you haven’t, LOL.

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Dion Jetson – “Holler”

underpaid (ˌʌndəˈpeɪd). adj
1. not paid enough: underpaid and overworked.

We have all been in the position of being underpaid and overworked. Putting in countless hours, grinding, only to have barely enough money to pay the bills. We are the majority, we are the ones who really make this country run.

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