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Maryland Fast-Food Customer Gets a Bag Of Pot With Her Fries

Do you want weed with those fries? I mean fries with that weed? I mean, what?

Read the article and find out the story, and what store this happened at. In case you know, you want some fries with your weed.  Continue reading

Redhand’s Song Of The Day: Keith Murray – Keith Murray – “The Most Beautifullest Thing In This World”

If you a fan of lyrics and you don’t know Keith Murray, then your not a fan of lyrics.It is our duty at Miketrampetv to support the culture and represent the real side of Hip Hop.

Keith Murray has contributed a lot to the game and today we pay homage. Hip Hop really is the most beautifullest thing in the world, just like that.

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Boardwalk Empire Season 5 Trailer #BoardwalkEmpire

Nucky Thompson, the O.G from Atlantic City will be back for the final season of “Boardwalk Empire”. The season premier will be in September but, we have the newest trailer inside the post. #BoardwalkEmpire Continue reading

Justo Beatz Talks Tony Sunshine Collaboration & Mothers Inspiration

Mike Trampe TV: What’s up Justo Beatz? For those new to the name, who are you and what do you do?

JB: I was born Justin Miller aka Justo Beatz I am a singer ,songwriter and producer.

MTTV: You hail from Poughkeepsie NY, what’s the climate for music up there?

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Reem Cassanova Talks Music Influences, New Mixtape & Video Animation

Mike Trampe TV: What’s up Reem Cassanova? For those new to the name, who are you and what do you do?

RC: I am an upcoming hip-hop artist from the Crotona park area in the Bronx. Music has always been my first love, which has inspired other hip-hop related ventures like my t-shirt line, animated series, and a reality show.

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Voss – “Cloud Nine”

Shout out to the homey Voss, one of the hardest working rappers in Philly and in the world period.

dropped a video for this song “Cloud Nine” to support his new project, “The Book Of Michael, Chapter 2: Hunger Pains” which drops 7/22/14.

We only support dope shit and real people over here, so check out Voss’s newest video. Free download link for this song after the post. Continue reading

Appreciation Post: “Fat Joe The Don Cartagena”

Joe crack da don is a living legend in Hip Hop, just ask your favorite rapper. Fat Joe has been in the game since 1993 and has worked with everyone from KRS-One to Lil Wayne.

It’s time we salute and pay respects to Joe for all his contributions to the game. Love him or hate him, you gots to respect this mans history.  Continue reading

Lil Wayne – “Krazy” #CarterV

It look’s like Lil Wayne is gearing up and hoping on his skateboard to the studio. Wayne just released this song “Krazy” which will be off his Carter V album.
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Shout out to the homey G Count, he been rocking with Mike Trampe for a minute and he will be that next dude in this rap sh!t.

G Count is now a solo artist and he dropped this video “Dat Nigga”, featuring Lil Durk and Lil HerbContinue reading

Mobb Deep ft. Ghostface Killah – “Dirt” (Remix)

In April, Mobb Deep released their eighth studio album “The Infamous Mobb Deep“, and today they’re back with the remix for “Dirt” featuring Ghostface Killah.

The track is produced by Illmind, Gabriel Lambirth, and Karon Graham.